This Guy Used His Powerwasher To Become A Hero

Mitchell Wood, the owner of Powerwash Bros in Morgantown, West Virginia, became an unexpected hero this week. While driving back from a job through Fairmont WV, he noticed a massive cloud of smoke near one of his customers' houses.

He drove towards the smoke and could see a massive brush fire was starting to threaten a mans home! The man was trying to fight it with a garden hose. Mitchell his pressure washer to douse the flames. The fire, which initially started with a few sticks, had spread to almost half an acre, but Wood managed to put it out in about an hour and a half.

Having been in the power washing business for about a decade, Wood had always dreamed of using his power washer to put out a fire. He says that he saw a similar incident on the news years ago and he was glad to have the opportunity to make a real difference. Wood’s timely intervention prevented the need for the fire department to be called and stopped the fire from spreading and causing even more damage.

Pressure Washing Spray, Power Wash Driveway, Pressure Cleaner

Photo: Jena Ardell / Moment / Getty Images

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