Dog Saves Cat

A cat named Mowgli had a miraculous rescue from a 100-foot mineshaft in Cornwall, England, all thanks to the heroic actions of a dog named Daisy. After Mowgli went missing for six days, his owner Michele Rose had nearly given up hope. But then Daisy started acting strange, running around near their home, and ultimately led Michele to the mineshaft where Mowgli was trapped.

The RSPCA and Cornwall Fire and Rescue were called for help, and after almost 24 hours of working were able to rescue the cat.

Mowgli was reunited with his family, including his brother named Baloo who apparently didn't help in the search.

Michele praised Daisy as a superstar, saying that without her, Mowgli might still be stuck down there. She shared that Daisy, who had been introduced to the kittens when they were adopted in December 2022, has been a loving and protective companion ever since. Amazingly, Mowgli was unharmed despite the fall.

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