Americans Aren't Sleeping Well. Here's The Reasons And How To Fix It

According to a new survey of 12-hundred U.S. adults, 20% say they “rarely or never” wake up feeling well-rested.

The survey reveals Americans’ sleep habits and some of the top sources of sleep struggles:

  • Close to half (43%) have experienced insomnia in 2023 and 17% have suffered from sleep apnea.
  • The biggest concerns that are keeping people up at night are exactly the same as last year, except for number five, which was the Russia-Ukraine war. This year’s top bedtime worries are:
    • The increase in the cost of living
    • The pandemic
    • Gun violence
    • Climate Change
    • The 2024 presidential election
  • The worst sleep habits that disturb sleep are:
    • Going to bed at inconsistent times
    • Looking at screens in bed
    • Eating too much before bed
    • Falling asleep with the TV on
    • Staying up all night
  • A third of respondents don’t sleep in the same bed as their partner because of differing sleep preferences, which is known as a “sleep divorce.”
  • Another popular sleep trend is “Scandinavian sleeping,” which is when a couple shares a bed, but each partner has their own bedding instead of sharing.
  • While 59% of adults still share blankets with their partner, 41% are practicing the Scandinavian sleeping method.
Overhead view of couple waking up

Photo: Willie B. Thomas / DigitalVision / Getty Images

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