Food Study Reveals Food Envy Problem

How do you feel about a friend snagging a few fries from your plate at dinner? According to a new survey, 10% of adults really don’t like sharing food, even with their nearest and dearest.

The poll of 2-thousand reveals:

  • About half (49%) get really mad when someone takes food off of their plate without permission.
  • While some people like to split meals to sample from everyone’s dishes, 27% aren’t a fan of that expectation.
  • And 29% would rather buy someone a separate meal than share any of theirs.
  • Just over a third (37%) of those reluctant to share justify it by saying they order what they like and want to enjoy it by themselves.
  • When eating out at a restaurant, 53% get “food envy,” wishing they had ordered what someone else got and about a quarter admit they give in to temptation and ask for a bite.
  • The top food people are reluctant to share is fries, followed by pizza, ice cream and chocolate.
  • Some people are really serious about not sharing food, as 16% have physically intervened to stop someone from taking food from their plate and 15% have gotten into an argument with someone who swiped their fries.
Woman texting at a restaurant and boyfriend trying to see her phone

Photo: andresr / E+ / Getty Images

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