Biker Gang SAves Kids From Drunk Driver

Saturday afternoon around 2:30 a biker gang riding in the Florida Keys intervened when they spotted man swerving on U.S. 1 with three kids in his car. They decided to put themselves at risk and boxed him in.

One of the gang members had already called 911 so deputies arrived on the scene a few moments later. They arrested 30 year old Toribo Simon Mendoza and charged him with DUI, three counts of an enhanced DUI due to three children in his car, possession of marijuana, plus two moving traffic violations.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office commended the bikers. "We had received several other calls around the same time as theirs from fellow motorists that had been in near collisions with the accused. This group of men recognized the danger he posed to the general public and in their assessment, which drove them to put their own lives at risk, those 3 little girls. We commend them for this heroic act."

and gratitude

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Photo: David McNew / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

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