Presumed Dead Man Is Alive!

A sailor missing at sea for almost two weeks has been found alive. He was discovered by a Canadian fishing boat in a life raft, approximately 70 miles northwest of Cape Flattery, Washington. U.S. Coast Guard spokesperson Steve Strohmaier described the rescue as "incredible" and "miraculous," noting how rare it is for a vessel to pass by in such remote waters.

A 43 foot fishing boat set out from Westport, Washington on October 12th and was expected back by the 15th. However, the Coast Guard was alerted about their disappearance a week later. The Coast Guard called off their search after searching 14,000 square miles. However more than a week later the survivor was located in Canadian waters and was taken to shore by the Canadian Coast Guard, where he was reported to be in stable condition.

While the man’s rescue is a positive outcome, the search continues for the second missing sailor. The U.S. Coast Guard is waiting for more information and statements from the survivor to determine their next steps in the search.

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Photo: Hinterhaus Productions / DigitalVision / Getty Images

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