13 Year Old Saves Elderly Farmer After Accident

This summer, Pat Kemery had a terrifying accident on her Blockton, Iowa, farm when she fell off her four-wheeler and got trapped underneath it. The 81-year-old farmer was worried no one would find her, but luck was on her side, as 13-year-old Weston Drake, who had been helping out on her farm, came to her rescue.

Weston explained to USA Today “I remember just coming around the corner and I saw the four-wheeler rolled over. I didn't quite see Pat yet until I got up there. I finally saw her … She was pinned under the four-wheeler. I just took the forks, bumped the four wheeler with them and raised it up enough off her so that she could crawl out from under it,”

Pat's left foot was mangled and Weston applied first aid skills he’d learned earlier this year in a training program he attended called "Stop the Bleed" to treat Pat's injuries. He then called his dad who contacted Kemery’s son, who flew to the farm to take his mom to the hospital. Pat explained “Our town ambulance did not have anybody that’s qualified to drive an (EMT) so if I had to call 911, they would’ve taken quite a long time to get there,”

Since her husband passed away last fall, Drake has been working for Kemery on her farm working in the fields and taking care of some of the cattle work. She says the teen is a “good worker” and she’s grateful for him and that he was there on that fateful day. “A 13-year-old kid being able to do something like that…he really did a nice job,” she says. “I was very lucky because I would have died there.”

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