Newberry SC Hunter Saves Toddler

A deer hunter in Newberry, South Carolina, played a pivotal role in reuniting a missing two-year-old with her family. The toddler had gone missing around 3pm this past Sunday from the family's house on 321 in Prosperity. Around 6pm, the hunter heard a young girl's cries and while he couldn't quite figure out from where, he immediately dialed 911 for help.

Law enforcement was able to use mapping technology to pinpoint their location and dispatched a South Carolina Law Enforcement Division helicopter and first responders to the scene. A search team was formed of professional law enforcement and dozens of locals who who spread out and found the girl in densely wooded area about a mile from her family’s home.

Despite her ordeal, the little girl was found to be in surprisingly good condition, aside from being tired, thirsty, and frightened. The Newberry County Sheriff’s Office later took to social media to thank all those involved in the “miraculous find” of the missing girl.

Child enjoying eating an ice cream

Photo: Sally Anscombe / DigitalVision / Getty Images

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