A Lot Of Americans Believe They Have Lived In A Haunted House

According to new research from Real Estate Witch, 29% of Americans believe they have lived in a real haunted house and 27% of them knew it was haunted before they moved in and they still chose to live there.

Real Estate Witch asked a thousand U.S. adults about supernatural phenomena and haunted homes and found:

  • Just over a third (36%) of those who have lived in a bewitched home regret it, 60% wouldn’t recommend it to others and 55% wouldn’t buy another house they knew was haunted.
  • People discovered their home was haunted because of strange noises (53%), feelings of being touched or watched (47%), strange shadows around the home (41%), eerie or haunted feelings in certain rooms (41%).
  • And 36% of homeowners claim they’ve actually seen a ghost in their home.
  • In this tough real estate market, 52% of Americans would be willing to buy a haunted house.
  • Things that could convince them to include a lower price (71%), a safer neighborhood (47%), friendly ghosts (41%), a bigger yard (36%), more square footage (29%) and a better school district (21%).
  • Still, 72% of prospective buyers say they’d feel uncomfortable living in a haunted house.
  • Ghosts are scary to some, but 93% are more scared of home repair problems, including mold (60%), termites (57%) and a leaky roof (54%).
  • Americans say the most frightening aspects of owning a home are all related to finances: unexpected costs (50%), high interest rates (46%) and not being able to pay their mortgage (42%).
  • Nearly half (48%) would rather live with ghosts than buy a house near a nuclear waste facility.
Amityville Horror House

NEW YORK - MARCH 31: Real estate photograph of a house located at 112 Ocean Avenue in the town of Amityville, New York March 31, 2005. The Amityville Horror house rich history and beauty are overshadowed by the story of George and Kathy Lutz, the previous residents of 112 Ocean Avenue, who claimed that shortly after moving into the house they fled in terror driven out by paranormal activity. The best selling novel and popular movie have marked the town as the site of the most famous haunted house in history, yet many are unaware that the true history of this house is much darker than "The Amityville Horror's" icy drafts and bleeding walls. Six members of the DeFeo family were murdered at 112 Ocean Avenue one year before the Lutz family moved in and their tragedy haunts the citizens of Amityville to this day. (Photo by Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images)Photo: Paul Hawthorne / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

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