The New Women Workout Challenge

The latest fitness challenge puts a Hot Girl spin on the extreme 75 Hard Challenge that blew up back in 2020. With 75 Hard, people had to follow strict rules, including no alcohol or cheat meals, drink a gallon of water a day, read 10 pages of non-fiction daily, as well as do two 45-minute workouts. And if you skipped a day or broke a rule, you had to start over from day one.

While a lot of people were successful at it, the all-or-nothing approach doesn’t work for everyone, but it’s inspired several spin-offs. One of those is the 75 Hotter challenge, created by TikToker @itsmejadeb, who says she tried 75 Hard, but wanted to do something “a little bit more me.” Jade also says she wants to spend the next 10 weeks before Christmas becoming “mind, body, soul hotter.”

Instead of focusing on mental toughness or weight loss, this one is about “enriching your life” ahead of the holidays. These are the rules of 75 Hotter, if you’re up for the challenge:

  • Dating - Cut out toxic people and go no contact for the full 75 days.
  • Steps - 10-thousand Hot Girl steps every day
  • Diet - Prioritize proteins and greens in every meal and follow the “three bite rule” for cravings and less nutritious snacks
  • Reading - Read a book in bed instead of scrolling
  • Water - Drink enough water every day so that your “pee is clear”
  • Cleaning - Keep your space clean and do a clean sweep before bed every night
  • Connection - Each week, call or connect with someone you’re trying to build a connection with or an old friend
  • Drinking - Don’t drink to get drunk, just drink to enjoy yourself and celebrate and don’t drink alone
  • Exercise - Work out five times a week
  • Aesthetics - One beauty-based self-care practice a week, like getting your nails or hair done
Women Warming Up Outside Together

Photo: Hinterhaus Productions / DigitalVision / Getty Images

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