Co Workers Thought Their Company Skimped On His Send Off So They Fixed It

For the last 42 years, John, commuted 40 minutes by bus and train to his job. John loved his job and his coworkers loved him!

.But John after 42 years of dutiful service, not missing 1 work day, John was unable to work any longer. The unnamed company threw a BBQ with his coworkers and presented him a certificate of appreciation.

The lack of fanfare upset his co-worker, Soniah, who turned to social media to voice her disgust, writing, "The company only threw him a BBQ and gave him a certificate... No bonus, just a BBQ and certificate. Thank you, John, for your loyalty." The video quickly went viral, and soon a GoFundMe that Soniah had set up to help John had raised over $36-thousand for the loyal worker.

In an update to the crowdfund page, Soniah thanks all the supporters and says she’s going to see that John gets every penny of the donations. She also mentions that John loves to read and that she plans to print out all the kind comments and wishes of good luck to share with him, too.

Happy retirement cake

Photo: Image Source / Image Source / Getty Images

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