Dating App Only Needs A Selfie To Match You

A dating app claims it can find your perfect match using only your face. SciMatch uses AI-powered facial recognition to help singles find love, so instead of having users create a full dating profile, the app just requires them to upload one selfie.

SciMatch then uses an AI algorithm to analyze personality traits it identifies in your face! It then recommends potential partners based on their compatible traits.

The app launched last year and it’s based on a study on the link between facial images and five personality characteristics - neuroticism, extroversion, openness, agreeableness and conscientiousness. SciMatch’s AI algorithm, which is named A.I. Ruby, has “been fed a database of millions of faces that are associated with certain character traits,” according to one of the app’s creators, Yanina Strylets.

She says the technology is “much more accurate than human judgment to predict your character traits,” and that it’s accurate 87% of the time. Strylets also claims that the 77% response rate of SciMatch’s users is higher than Tinder’s. The app is free, but users can also pay to add a photo of a celebrity crush to help find a partner that’s a lookalike.

Beautiful young woman doing selfie on the front camera of her smartphone and holding a paper cup with a drink

Photo: Deagreez / iStock / Getty Images

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