Mobile Home Manufacturer Helps Customers Years After Purchase

I was reading a story at WKBN-TV about a grandmother who lives with her daughter and 4 grandkids in her mobile home that had fallen into disrepair. I loved reading about how someone helped her and then became fascinated with them!

Sandra Gamez has owned a mobile home in Southington, Ohio for over a decade. But now it had holes in the floor, multiple water leaks, and other problems making the home barely habitable. She was worried about how they would make it through the winter in the home.

But then help arrived when a team from Impact Cares offered to fix up some mobile homes in the community

Started about five years ago by a mobile home developer Impact Communities, the founders Dave and Terri Reynolds, launched Impact Cares to travel around the country fixing up mobile homes for people in need in Impact Communities.

In their description of who they are Dave & Terri say they saw an opportunity to meet needs and find a way to increase awareness of these needs in the local communities that we love serving.

What they did for Sandra includes installing new floors, painting the entire interior, bought new appliances and furniture, plus fixed the skirting outside.

Overwhelmed with joy, Sandra said “I won the lottery. I’ve never had anybody do anything like this for me and my family. It’s beautiful. I never thought I’d have a place this gorgeous.”

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