Greenville SC Is Home To Our Good News Story

Cameron Kendrick, owns Good To Go Greenville in the upstate of South Carolina. They sell home cooked meals that you can pick up at their shop.

Cameron wanted to support kids who were doing good things and maybe incentivize others to join them so started something she’s calling the Kindness Club.

On Fridays, kids can come into her store with a note from someone they know describing an act of kindness they’ve performed and as a reward they get a free chocolate chip cookie.

Kendrick, who is also a mother of three, believes that being kind is every bit as important as going well in school. "These things seem very small, but I can tell that when the moms and dads are explaining it,” she says, “They see the smile their child has, and the confidence boost it's given them.”

Since starting the program a few months ago, kids have earned cookies for things like helping a sibling with homework, calling a sick relative to cheer them up, and offering to help mom clean the house. It’s Kendrick's hope that the kids will always remember why they’re being rewarded. "If we can be a small part of it their world, their day, their week in letting them know that they should have the confidence to carry on these good deeds, knowing they're being recognized, it makes me feel incredibly fulfilled as a mom, and a local business owner".

Downtown Greenville South Carolina

Falls Park and the Reedy River located in downtown Greenville's Historic West End. Greenville is a city in Greenville County in upstate South Carolina, United States. Nestled into the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountain Greenville is known for its fabulous restaurants, collection of museums and beautiful sceneryPhoto: DenisTangneyJr / E+ / Getty Images

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