Jana Kramer Shares A Heartfelt Message On Her 39th Birthday

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Jana Kramer shared a heartfelt reflection as she celebrates her 39th birthday on Friday (December 2). The country artist, actress and podcast host opened up about a recent, emotional conversation with her therapist that resulted in “happy tears” and a newfound love for herself.

Kramer reflected on Instagram that “while I was sharing some things with her I started to cry. (My therapist) asked me what the tears were. I couldn’t answer because I started to cry more and she said ‘it’s because you’re proud of yourself isn’t it’. And I shook my head yes and cried even harder but not out of sadness. HAPPY TEARS… cause I never thought I would be here.

“For the first time probably ever I’ve started to love who I am. What I am, and who I continue to become,” Kramer continued. “38 was a year of an immense amount of growth and healing through some very hard things and as I look at who I am now at 39 I’m actually proud of myself and it felt really good to feel that. I have always searched and wanted that validation from others but I have found it from within and that’s the greatest birthday gift I could receive.”

Kramer declared “38” as a year full of lessons and “making me dig in,” and looks ahead to “39,” a year to “grow, learn, heal and connect with others along the way,” she concluded. “Celebrate ur victories. Big and small.”

See Kramer’s celebratory birthday post here:

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