This Is The Best Pie In South Carolina

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You can't go wrong with a slice of pie, whether you're celebrating a special occasion or holiday with family and friends or you're a math-lover marking the annual Pi Day (March 13). Tasting Table searched around the country to find the best slice of pie in each state, from fruity favorites like brown sugar peach to southern staples like sweet potato pie.

So which pie is considered the best in South Carolina?

Pecan Pie at WildFlour Pastry

Located in Charleston, WildFlour Pastry has been serving up hit after hit with its rotating menu of delicious pie flavors, from the fruit-filled caramelized apple to the decadent chocolate cream. However, one of the best to sample is the southern favorite Pecan Pie

WildFlour Pastry is open Wednesday through Sunday at 1750 Savannah Highway in Charleston.

Here's what Tasting Table had to say:

"Charleston Chow calls Lauren Mitterer's WildFlour Pastry the 'Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory' of Charleston. With a menu that rotates with the different seasons, you'll always find something new and interesting. However, we highly recommend ordering the pecan pie, which seems to be available frequently throughout the year. These desserts come in 6 or 9-inch rounds and are topped with toasted pecans.

Check out Tasting Table's full list to see the best pies around the country.

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