This Is The Weirdest Home In South Carolina

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When potential homebuyers search for the perfect place to spend their lives, the typical debate is usually between finding a house with a more modern appearance or an older domicile with a lot of character. Others, however, may be looking for a forever home with a more unique style.

Cheapism searched around the country to find the weirdest homes in America, compiling a list of the most unusual house in each state. According to the site:

"While it might seem like the United States is stuffed with cookie-cutter dwellings, some homes break the mold in a big way. These unique places might be a tough sell, but the represent thee blood, sweat, and tears of builders who dared to think outside the box (and brick)."

The most unusual house in South Carolina is the perfect place to hide in the middle of a hurricane — The "Eye of the Storm" house. Built in 1992 and designed by George Paul, per CNBC, the domed domicile in Charleston looks like an egg from far away, but up close, you can see how the unique design could help protect it from the impacts of severe weather.

Here's what Cheapism had to say:

"This egg-like three-bedroom home in Charleston is a far cry from the city's historic homes, but the eccentric design is purposeful: It's meant to help the home withstand hurricanes. The concrete-and-steel structure weighs 650 tons, according to CNBC. There is no separate roof to fly off the home, which also has a bank vault, wet bar, and elevator."

Check out Cheapism's full list to see some of the most bizarre houses around the country.

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