South Carolina Restaurant Serves One Of America's Best Thanksgiving Dinners

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Thanksgiving may be known as the holiday where you gather with family and friends to reflect on your gratitude over the past year, but it's also a time of stuffing yourself with delicious food. If you enjoy the classic Thanksgiving dishes but not the cooking or cleanup, there are fortunately plenty of restaurants around offering their takes on the classic meal.

Tasting Table searched around the country to find the best restaurants perfect for celebrating the holiday full of gratitude, including one eatery right here in South Carolina. According to the site:

"Each restaurant on this list is laying on a festive spread for Thanksgiving 2022 that's sure to make you feel thankful. The meals here offer an All-American array of options from traditional turkey and trimmings to Asian, European, and Native American dishes, with the venues ranging from luxury hotels to a celebrity chef's pet project to a funky retro-themed diner."

So which South Carolina restaurant is has one of the best Thanksgiving dinners in America?


Located in Charleston, Magnolia's will not only serve its regular menu full of Southern goodness on Thanksgiving, but it will also give diners a chance to try its take on all the classics for its holiday specials. Guests will have a choice of three Thanksgiving entrees: turkey with the traditional sides, pecan-crusted salmon, and braised short ribs. No Thanksgiving meal is complete without dessert, so choose from the restaurant's typical dessert menu or try out its special cranberry tart with blood orange fluid gel and cranberry curd.

Magnolia's is located at 185 E Bay Street in Charleston.

Here's what Tasting Table had to say:

"Magnolia's is just over 30 years old, so it's not among Charleston's most historic establishments, but the restaurant has long been in the vanguard of taking Low Country cooking uptown."

Check out Tasting Table's full list to see all the best restaurants around the country for celebrating Thanksgiving.

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