Dog Reunited With Owner After Being Lost In A Hurricane

As Hurricane Laura was barreling toward Henry “Andy” Roach’s home in Sulphur, Louisiana, 2 months ago he was forced to make a difficult decision to evacuate. They couldn't fit any possessions in as his car as they could barely squeeze all 5 members of his family including his 88-year-old mom, so he had to make the tough decision to leave his rescue German shepherd, Savage, behind.

Roach planned to get back to his home to pick up his dog, but during the storm his fence was blown away and Savage escaped. The Iraq war veteran was heartbroken, but learned that a kind stranger spotted the dog and he was taken to an ASPCA emergency shelter until Roach could get back for him.

When Roach and Savage finally reunited, they were both thrilled and the dog ran to his owner, wagging his tail like crazy. “I was ecstatic to see Savage not only alive,” the grateful guy says, “but in good spirits and healthy.”

ASPCA hopes this story will remind pet owners to make an emergency plan that includes your pet. Here's a checklist they put together to help.

Savage reunited courtesy of ASPCA

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