Chadwick Boseman's Brother Reveals His Final Words

As you know Chadwick Boseman the 43-year-old move star from South Carolina passed away in August after a secret four-year battle with colon cancer.

Kevin Boseman who still lives in Anderson SC gave an interview to the NY Times about his brother Chadwick. Actually he doesn't like to call him Chadwick.

“I have been trying to remember Chad and not Chadwick, Before he became a star, he was Chad to his friends and family".

Chad was the youngest of three boys. Their older brother, Derrick, is a pastor in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and Kevin is a dancer, actor, and writer. 

Derrick recalled his last conversation with his brother. “ Chad said man, I’m in the fourth quarter, and I need you to get me out of the game.” His brother realized at that point that Chad was ready to go. “When he told me that, I changed my prayer from, ‘God heal him, God save him,’ to ‘God, let your will be done…The next day he passed away.”

Hard to believe that in this photo from l2019 he was 3 years into his cancer battle! .

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