Americans Set The Price On What They Would Pay For A Stress Free Day

Americans are pretty stressed these days, and a new poll reveals how much they would pay to make it stop 

The survey finds: Folks are so desperate to relieve their stress a third would be willing to spend over $500 to have just one stress-free day.

  • 60% of Americans say they feel “constantly on edge” due to the coronavirus.
  • 20% say they feel “drained” most days.”
  • 13% say they are in a constant state of exhaustion.
  • Overall, 59% say they are struggling with self-care right now.
  • The average person only takes about 25 minutes each day for self-care.
  • 38% say they need at least 30% of self-care to be their best self.
  • 86% believe taking time to disconnect is the most important thing for their self-care.
  • Other self-care practices include:
    • Exercise (22%)
    • Stretching/yoga (18%)
    • Supplements (18%)
    • Skincare (17%)