Woman Thanks McDonald's Worker Who Bought Her Meal With Incredible Gift

Brittany Reed was at the drive-thru at a Mickey D’s in Waynesville, Ohio, after football practice and her sons aged 4 and 7 were crying in the back just as she realized she forgot her purse at home. She says she looked at the young man behind the register with tears in her eyes, telling him she was sorry, but she was going to have to cancel the order because she didn’t have her wallet.

But the employee, Wyatt Jones, didn’t hesitate to whip out his wallet and swipe his own card. The grateful mother went back to the restaurant and paid the “compassionate” crew member double in cash for his good deed.

But Reed went one step further to show her appreciation by starting a GoFundMefor him. She posted about it on the “Let's talk Waynesville, Ohio” Facebook page and it’s raised more than $29-thousand so far!

“Wyatt, do not let this world change your kind heart, young man, for its people like YOU that will change this world for the better,” Reed tells him.

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