Men Like Pumpkin Spice More Then Women

A survey by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters finds:

  • 54% of Americans looked forward to pumpkin spice-flavored coffee season more this year than ever before.
  • In fact, one-third of those polled plan to stock up on pumpkin spice coffee this year.
  • Believe it or not, men are more interested in pumpkin spice than women.
  • In fact, men rank “all things pumpkin spice” among the top three things they look forward to this season, along with football and the change in weather. 

Meanwhile, yesterday was National Coffee Day and  another coffee surveyfinds that the coronavirus lockdown has resulted in more Americans relying on their own coffee making abilities.

  • 49% of Americans say being stuck in quarantine has forced them to become their own at-home barista.
  • 76% took a lot of time perfecting their coffee drink at home, with the average person spending two hours and 10 minutes to get it right.
  • 66% have gotten so good at it they plan to continue making their coffee drink at home once the pandemic is over.
  • The top things they learned about making coffee include:
    • How to use an espresso machine (25%)
    • How to make cold-brew coffee (20%)
    • How to use a traditional drip coffee machine (20%)
    • How to use a stovetop espresso machine (18%)
    • How to make iced coffee (18%)

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