COVID May End The Mall Santa

According to Mitch Allen, who is the founder of Hire Santa which reps about 2000 Santa's, bookings for this holiday season are down between 25 and 40-percent depending on the area of the country.

A mall Santa with "a real beard, real belly, real laugh,'' can make anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000 working through November and December, Allen says. For many Santa Claus entertainers who are on a fixed income, that extra cash is crucial. 

Some malls are attempting to COVID proof the experience. DeVargas Center in New Mexico has come up with a plexiglass divider that still allows kids to talk with the jolly old man and get that traditional picture. Another Santa has created a mock mail room, so kids can whisper their wishes through the post office window but still maintain a safe distance.   Most Santa's are even willing to do personal visits.

Santa Claus at the Mall in Plantation, Florida.

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