Woman Tased & Arrested For Not Wearing Mask

The Marietta Times reports on an event that happened at a football game in Logan Ohio. Their headline correctly reads Police tase, arrest woman for refusing to wear mask at game.

The reason Alecia Kitts was tased and arrested was refusing to obey a police officer's directions. She had driven 90 minutes to watch her son who is in 7th grade play football. Only about 40 people had made the trip to Logan from Marietta and you can see there is a lot of distance between the groups of fans. She apparently felt that because she was with her mom and 2 other people who had rode with her that she didn't have to continue wearing her mask. The Public Address announcer reminded people throughout the game that the state of Ohio law mandates that all fans wear masks while in the stadium. Is that a stupid law in my opinion? Absolutely! But it's their law.

The NY Post switched the headline to get more outrage. Woman arrested, tased for not wearing mask at middle school football game. Alecia had been informed by the officer that she had to put her mask back on if she wanted to remain in the stadium. She refused. He then told her she had to leave. She refused. What should happen next? Should the officer just say 'you're right, this is a dumb law' and let her go? He can't make that call! He attempt to forcibly remove her, and she is the one who continues to escalate it by resisting. Then he tells her he is arresting her. She continues resisting. When he can't get her hands behind her back to cuff her, he tased her. That's better than using his night stick.

Our society seems to be crumbling before our very eyes because we no longer recognize authority. Society's are able to function because people respect authority. Parents are above their children to teach them about authority so that when they make their way in the world they will recognize that their teachers and even their elders are authority figures above them. As society, schools, families set rules the rest of us have to follow those rules. If we don't like the rules we work to change the rules. If we just allow everyone to do what they think is best then we have anarchy and no longer have a society.

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