Triathlete Gives Up Medal To Rival After Wrong Turn

British triathlete James Teagle was on course to win bronze in Spain’s Santander Triathlon, but became confused by the barricade setup just before finish line. He took a wrong turn which allowed Diego Mentrida to pass him with about 75 yards to go. James was so frustrated! He throws up his arms as if to say why didn't you make the track more obvious! When Diego noticed what happened, he stopped and let Teagle pass him

Press from around the world reported on this extraordinary act of sportsmanship! .But Diego thinks that shows the problem.

“This is something my parents and my club taught me since I was a child. In my view, this used to be a normal thing to do. If you're competing against someone and the playing field becomes uneven for them, as a competitor we should work to right that wrong. It's sad that so many of us have a win at all cost mentality

The video shows Mentrida slow down to let Teagle pass him at the finish line and then he gratefully shook his hand. Race organizers were impressed, too, and awarded Mentrida honorary third place.

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