School Bus Driver Is The Answer To 1 Lady's Prayer

For nearly 20 years, Joyce Brown has been driving a school bus in Richmond, Virginia. But during the pandemic, she’s got a new role. She has been delivering meals to schools around the city and one day during her rounds, she spotted an elderly woman walking to get meals for her grandchildren at their school.

Brown pulled over and met 80-year-old Evelyn Bullock, who told her it takes her about 30 minutes to make the trek to pick up breakfast and lunch for her grandkids. “I am a two-time cancer survivor,” the grandma explains. “I also have arthritis and I fall a lot.”

So the Joyce decided to help Evelyn out and now delivers breakfasts and lunches for her grandchildren so she doesn’t have to make the 30-minute walk everyday.

Joyce says "Evelyn told me one day that when I get to heaven, the crown that God has for me will be too big for my head. She really appreciates what I do for her, She thanks me so much and tries to offer me gifts, but I don’t want gifts. The gift is seeing her smile"!

Evelyn adds “I never expected it. It’s like God just poured it out,” Bullock said. “She’s the answer to my prayer, just a blessing to me and I think she is just an awesome person.” 

 School Bus Delivers Lunches To Kids During Coronavirus Shutdown

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