A Woman Just Mowed An Entire Cemetery Because No One Else Would

The Oak Cemetery in Fort Smith, Arkansas is recognized as a national historic landmark dating back more than 150 years with over 11,000 graves, but budget cuts and heavy rain have made it hard for crews to maintain. Photos posted on social media of the tall grass and weeds received hundreds of complaints.

One of the outraged people was Kaitlin Donnelly. She then decided since no one was doing anything she should do something about it.

She came out armed with her push mower and a weed eater, to tackle the 35 acre job alone.

Jarek Davidson saw her out there working by herself and decided to join in her effort. The 12-year-old boy lives across the street and says he felt bad seeing Kaitlin doing it by herself, so he stepped in to help and they worked together.

Some other people called channel 5 TV who came out and spoke with the duo. Suddenly the next day the city had a crew out there finishing the job.

Kaitlin says she didn’t do it for the recognition. She explains, “I did it because the people interned there and their families deserve it.”

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