18 Percent Of American's Have Broken Up With Someone Over This

A new poll finds:

  • 56% of Americans would rule out dating someone they consider an unsafe driver.
  • 18% have actually ended a relationship with a partner who was reckless behind the wheel.
  • 78% of folks say how a person drives says a lot about their personality.
  • As for the top driving “red flags,” they include:
    • Excessive speeding (61%)
    • Cutting off other cars in traffic (54%)
    • Leaving inadequate following distance on the highway (44%)
    • Yelling at other drivers (43%)
    • Excessive horn honking (38%)
    • Not using the car’s turn signal when turning (38%)
    • One hand on the wheel (29%)
    • Talking constantly while driving (29%)
    • Unnecessary high beam use (25%)
    • Singing while driving (18%)
  • While it may seem boring to be a safe driver, 46% of Americans consider those who follow the rules of the road more trustworthy.
  • In addition, 60% of people say the way a person takes care of their car says a lot about them.
  • 52% consider those who take care of their care as responsible
  • 43% consider them reliable.

But even though bad driving may be a relationship deal breaker, it seems a lot of folks are guilty of it.

  • When it comes to personal preferences, 41% of people like to drive fast.
  • One in three people admit they think the speed limit is “just a suggestion”
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