Guy Catches Kid Riding On His Property & Then Does Something Amazingly Cool

I don't know Dave's last name. He and a few college buddies started a motorcycle group and website years ago called Canyon Chasers. That's the site he posted a video which is going viral. He apparently lives in Utah. Anyways as the video shows there is a 3 year old boy who loves Dave's flat driveway for riding his bike. Dave's motion alerts were popping off almost every day 2-3 times as the kid kept returning to his driveway.

Dave decided to do something about it. One night when it got dark, Dave went out there with chalk and drew a race course.

The look on the kids face when he sees it the next day is priceless! Dave kept improving his chalk course game over the next few weeks. Then he added words of encouragement to the boy.

Then other people started riding Dave's track. Like full grown adults on their bikes. We even see some mom's pushing baby strollers take a spin on it! LOL!

He even started his own hashtag so if you share this story let Dave know by using the #Drivewayracetrack

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