Tooth Fairy Is Paying Out Record Amounts To Kids This Year

According to The Original Tooth Fairy Poll, conducted by Delta Dental, the Tooth Fairy is being a little more generous this year.

The survey finds:

  • 80% of households say their kids get a visit from the tooth fairy.
  • Most parents say they do it in order to give their kids something to get excited about.
  • 45% say it gives them a reason to celebrate, while 42% say it makes their child feel special.
  • A third of respondents say the Tooth Fairy helps inspire good oral health habits. 

As for how much the Tooth Fairy is paying out this year:

  • The average Tooth Fairy payout is $4.03, which is an increase of 30 cents over last year.
  • That’s more than triple the amount since Delta Dental began tracking Tooth Fairy payouts in 1998 when it was just $1.30.
Chinese little girl holding up her tooth

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