Airline Kicks Family Off Because Toddler Won't Keep Mask On

Drama at the Orlando airport yesterday. Chaya Bruck of Midwood NJ and her 6 kids were kicked off the Newark-bound JetBlue flight because her 2 year old daughter Dina would not keep her mask on as they were preparing for takeoff.

Chaya tells the Daily News "I was trying very hard...(The other children) were wearing their masks with their noses covered,” she said. “It says (on JetBlue’s website) that a child who cannot wear a mask does not have to wear a mask. I tried to tell them this, but they didn’t care...They wanted me off the plane."

After her family was kicked off JetBlue updated their policy on their site. Yes at 2 PM yesterday they changed their policy to say “all travelers 2 years and older must wear a face covering over their nose and mouth throughout their journey.” The Daily News confronted them about that change and a spokesperson replied that the policy was actually changed 8/10.

According to Chaya she had a problem with a flight attendant on the flight down to Orlando 10 days earlier. He told her that her child was too old to not be wearing a mask. She was able to stay on the flight down but as soon as she got on the return flight the same guy started talking to other attendants on the flight and pointing at Chaya and her family. “They came over to me and told me my daughter was 3 years old. I told them she’s 2...I know how old my child is, she’s going to be 3 in September. The attendants went and got a JetBlue executive who came and threw her off the plane as passengers yelled to leave the family alone.

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