Teen Refurbishes Dead Computers & Donates To Kids Who Need Them

15-year-old Christopher Kilpatrick is a computer wiz. He's spent this Summer trying to help other kids who don't have computers, get one.

He got an internship at Urban Mining, a technology company, and put his time there to good use by refurbishing old computers. The PCs were donated to the company from businesses and Christopher came up with the idea to repair and restore them and then donate them to kids in need.

Kilpatrick says that a computer is essential in today’s learning environment and when he found out that not everyone can afford a computer, he was inspired to help close the digital divide. In the end, he was able to refurbish 20 desktop computers that will be donated to Big Brothers, Big Sisters.

“I like the feeling that I am making a difference,” the high school sophomore explains.

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