Guy Who Thought He Lost His Home & Dog Has Both Saved!

The old joke is if you play a country song backwards you get out of jail and get back your wife, job, house and dog. 1 guy in CA had a portion of that happen the last few days.

The Apple Fire that’s been raging through California the last 2 weeks has destroyed a lot of homes and Greg Skeens thought his was about to be added to the list. He told LA's CBS 2

"It was one big orange flame all the way around the house, and I thought, I thought we were going to die. Then a miracle happened!"

Firefighters came running up the back of the fire and were able to put the flames out as they approached his deck!

What the fire had also done was push a bunch of wild animals onto his property and his beloved dog Buck had started chasing a coyote “three times his size” and he never came back. "What Buck don't know — is coyotes eat dogs. Yup. I thought he was gone."

However firefighters found Buck a few days later and took him to animal control. Greg couldn't believe it when he got the call that Buck was fine and waiting to be reunited.

"As soon as she handed him over to me, he got all happy. Now he's all clingy! He didn't want me to go anywhere.”

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