His System Correctly Predicted Every President. Here's This Years Winner

While it is entirely possible we may not know the results of the presidential race for weeks after November 3, but Allan Lichtman says he knows right now. "The New York Times" calls him "the Nostradamus of presidential elections"- because he's never been wrong on a presidential prediction in four decades.

Seems Lichtman examined 120 years of US elections, from 1860 to 1980, and, along with a little help from Russian earthquake expert, developed what he calls "The Keys to the White House." Basically he assesses the current election climate as one of two things, either stability or earthquake. If it's stability, the current president is always reelected. If it's an earthquake, the current president is overturned.

Lichtman was mocked in September 2016 by the Washington Post when he said his model showed Donald Trump as our next President.

To determine the current climate, Lichtman has developed "13 keys" - each which is answered as true or false. "True" indicates the White House party will retain power. Six or more false answers are equal to a political earthquake. So his total tally for this election? Seven falses, which means, according to his 13 Keys,Joe Biden will be the next president.

Allan Lichtman Getty Images

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