80 Percent Of Parents Are Hiding Snacks From Their Kids

A new survey by Wasa is being reported on Yahoo finds:

  • More than half of parents are snacking even more now then they were at the beginning of the quarantine.
  • While 90% of parents prioritize their kids snacking needs over theirs, 90% of parents also say they wind up eating the same snacks at their kids.
  • Most parents (90%) say that when they snack in front of their kids, their kids wind up snacking too.
  • To combat this, 80% of parents admit they hide or disguise their snacks from their kids.
  • The top snack hiding spots include:
    • Top shelf (51%)
    • Bedroom (48%)
    • Car (28%)

As for where they are doing most of their snacking

  • 55% do it right in front of the fridge
  • 52% snack while muted on a conference call
  • 50% sack in front of the TV or on the couch.

Of course, there are all sorts of reasons parents are snacking more than ever, and it isn't always because they're hungry.

  • For moms, boredom is the biggest reason (50%), followed by hunger (44%) and stress (40%).
  • For dads, hunger is the main reason (39%), followed by happiness (36%) and excitement (34%). 
Girl getting secretly to eat from fridge at night

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