New Poll Reveals How Americans Feel About Facemasks

A new survey reveals how Americans really feel about wearing them, and the revelations are startling.

The poll finds:

  • 40% of Americans believe wearing a facemask to protect against the coronavirus is unnecessary and over the top.
  • 12% actually think facemasks are pointless.
  • 10% of Americans haven’t even tried wearing a facemask at all yet.
  • 10% say they’ll refuse to wear a mask anywhere in public, even if it becomes a law.
  • Shockingly, 62% of Americans say they won’t wear a facemask to visit family, while 60% won’t wear one to visit friends.
  • 42% won’t wear one when visiting a doctor or a hospital, even though there’s an increased chance of infection.

Other places folks won’t wear masks include:

  • While exercising (71%)
  • A walk (69%)
  • On a date (66%)
  • A pub/bar (55%)
  • To work (53%)
  • In an Uber/taxi (52%)
  • The cinema (50%)
  • A restaurant (49%)
  • The hairdressers/barbers (48%)
  • On public transport (44%)
  • Shopping in general (41%)
  • At the supermarket (31%)

As for the top reasons folks don’t want to wear masks, they include:

  • They make it hard to breathe (38%)
  • They fog up their glasses (30%)
  • It will be hard to eat and drink (28%)
  • They’re too hot (28%)
  • They’re uncomfortable (27%)
  • May make them feel anxious (17%)
  • Worried about others understanding them (18%)
  • Too hard for people to read their facial expressions (18%)
  • They look silly (12%)
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