Video Fail Shows How To Not Get Revenge On Boyfriend

26 year old Sydney Parham was very upset with her now former boyfriend. Video shows her outside his Harrison Township apartment complex setting his Jeep on fire. I'm glad to report she only suffered minor scrapes & bruises.

We don't know what he did to tic her off. Nor do we know what her defense will be as her attorney tells Fox News “despite the video she’s presumed innocent unless proven guilty, like the court said.”

We do know she's in jail on a $20,000 bond.

The video shot from a neighbor is a demonstration in how to not get revenge. She does it in broad daylight so there are numerous witnesses that called the cops. She did it in an area where she had visited a bunch of times so the witnesses described her as so and so's girlfriend. And of course the near fatal mistake of dumping gallons of gas in the backseat and then leaning in to light it.

I have replayed the explosion between :10-:20 seconds repeatedly.

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