Unilever Reports Weird Trend Brought On By COVID 19 Quarantine

According to consumer goods company Unilever, the demand for personal care items is down. But one thing people are buying more of? Ice cream.

Unilever has seen a 15% decrease in sales for brands like Dove soap and Axe & Secret deodorants. Sales for other Unilever brands including Breyers, Ben and Jerry’s and Magnum ice creams are up 26% between April and June!

So people may not be rolling on their deodorant because they’re not going out as much, but they’re keeping their freezers stocked with ice cream so they can enjoy a pint while binge-watching Netflix.

And the upside to fewer people wearing deodorant? It could be encouraging people to maintain social distancing because no one wants to get too close to that B.O.

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