Man Loses 200 Pounds To Do This One Thing

Jared Ream loves to eat. At his biggest he weighed 430 pounds! For years he tried to lose weight, but could never stick with it for more than a few weeks and then he would put it all back on. Till he found a real motivation.

"I was on blood pressure medication, cholesterol medication and now I’m off all of it."

The motivation he needed was roller coasters.

"I always told myself that if Kings Island ever built a B&M giga-coaster that I would have to ride it no matter what. The day that they announced Orion was the day in which I said to myself, 'I will lose this weight.'

"I reduced my diet down to around 2,000 calories. I was exercising daily within my garage. While binge-watching television shows, I would run in place,” said Ream.

Ten months and 190 pounds later, I got to sit a row behind Jared for the ride.

"Not only is it a great roller coaster, but like for me, it will always be one of my top favorite roller coasters just because of the sentimental value of it.

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