Thanks To COVID Mask Requirements Teens Now Able To Buy Booze

It started as a TikTok challenge and now it's become a serious problem according to some in law enforcement and others in the liquor industry. Teens are stealing their grandparents ID and then dressing as them with masks on so the only thing you can see is their eyes.

TikTok user @ILikeBeans posted a video that has over 1.5 million views that shows kids how to "apply wrinkles" around their eyes. "wear long sleeves and rubber gloves with a big mask and the only thing they can see is your eyes! It's doubtful they'll ever card you, but just to be safe, borrow grandma or grandpa's ID and you can get whatever you want in that store! Remember they can't ask you to pull down the mask".

Over 2 million people have watched this TikTok video of a boy dressing up as his Grandma and then twerking once he buys his booze.

No one seems to have an answer on how to stop this and it's so dangerous to have these kids with access to all the alcohol they want!

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