Matt Damon Moves Into Building Neighbors Are Now Calling The Standoffish

Matt Damon just moved to a fancy new penthouse in Brooklyn Heights, New York… and he shut the whole street down in order to do it according to the NY Post.

Damon had said he wanted to move into NY so his 3 daughters could live like real people live, not like the kids in Beverly Hills. He plans on "keeping it real" in a 6,000-plus-square-foot penthouse that was Brooklyn’s most expensive apartment ever with a price tag of $16-point-five-million. Local residents tell “Page Six” that he closed down the street “all day” for the move-in, and while there was no sight of Damon, there was a giant crane and a “huge team of contractors” loading in his stuff. This isn't a great start to showing the kids how real people live.

“We were all waiting for the grand piano to be wheeled out,” one resident says of Damon’s dramatic arrival. “We call the building the Standoffish because it is a little bit of Hollywood dumped in the middle of the more low-key Brooklyn Heights.”

Matt Damon and wife Luciano Barroso

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