Why Did Chris Janson Block Maren Morris On Twitter?

I mentioned this morning that Maren Morris was shocked to find out that she had been blocked by Chris Janson on Twitter. The 2 are friends after touring together when they both opened for Sam Hunt on his tour in 2017.

Maren had gone on to Twitter to see how Chris was responding to people who were slamming him for performing a concert where photos make it appear many were not wearing masks and were literally rubbing shoulders.

She couldn't see anything because Chris had blocked her from seeing his tweets. Maren tweeted; “Ummmmmm what did I DO?!,” alongside a message that Chris had blocked her.

Well that news reached Chris who went on Twitter to explain. “Omg!! I have no idea! Love you & your husband. Definitely was a mistake.” 

Chris Janson & Maren Morris Perform in Holmdel NJ June 25, 2017

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