Shirtless Dating Profile Pics For Men Hurt Responses Regardless Of Shape

A new survey finds:

  • Shirtless photos on dating profiles may play a big role in why men aren’t finding love online.
  • In fact, on average, shirtless profile photos decrease a man’s chances of nabbing a match by 25%.
  • This is despite 90% of men believing those shirtless photos help their chances at finding someone.
  • What’s more, three out of every five male dating profiles features at least one shirtless photo.

So, what is it about shirtless photos that gals find a turnoff?

  • Well, 66% feel that it shows a lack of maturity and self-awareness.
  • 76% of women say they couldn’t consider a man with a shirtless photo for a committed relationship.


As for women, the less clothes they’re wearing seems to help with their potential matches (shocker).

  • 20% of female dating profiles contain at least one bikini/bathing suit picture.
  • Those women saw more than a 40% increase in overall matches, as compared to those with more covered up profiles. 

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