Waitress Gets $101,000 Tip!

Michael Lofthouse is 37 years old and untill last week was the CEO of a tech company called Solid8. He resigned after video of him yelling at a family in a restaurant went viral. But the star of the video is the waitress Gennica Cochran, who threw Lofthouse out of the restaurant.

The incident happened on the 4th of July. Lofthouse was filmed by Jordan Chan, who posted it to Instagram in which Lofthouse held up his middle finger and told her family: “Trump's gonna f**k you. You f*****g need to leave. You f*****g Asian piece of s**t.”

Gennica stepped in and said "You do not talk to a guest like that, you need to leave now.'   

Some folks started GoFundMe fundraisers for her. One called “A Big Tip for an Everyday Hero” has brought in nearly $80-thousand, a secondhas received more than $7-thousand, and a thirdhas raised over $14-thousand, and the money is still pouring in.

Cochran says the money will help her pursue teaching yoga and she’s also trying to find a way to send some of the money to other servers in the service industry.

As for Lofthouse he's not even American himself! He's from England and his mother tells The Daily Mail 'totally appalled' by his behaviour as MailOnline can reveal his own sister-in-law is mixed race.

Lofthouse is appalled by himself! As Forbes reportsMy comments towards the families involved were racist, hurtful and deeply inappropriate. The reactions to what was said have been deserved.” 

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