Kenny Chesney Releases Booze Filled Ice Cream

Kenny Chesney loves his rum. He created Blue Chair Bay rum back in 2004!. Today (July 10th) being Pina Colada Day, Kenny decided to celebrate in a big way by releasing a pina colada flavored ice cream using his rum. He partnered with a company that specializes in liquor infused ice cream, called Tipsy Scoop.

You have to be 21 or older to even go on the site to order it and I'll warn you it's not cheap. But before we get to the price, what's in it. Non-dairy Piña Colada ice cream (coconut base) infused with Blue Chair Bay Coconut Rum. Our first ever vegan ice cream! 5% alcohol by volume. So it's about the same as a typical beer (wine is a little more than double that at 11%).

Here's the link to buy 3 pints for $36. I think that comes with free shipping.

Happy Pina Colada Day!

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