Adopted Dog Helps Neighbor Who Found Her A Home

Last April a man named Jeff LeCates in Franklin TN was talking to his neighbor who is a dog groomer. She was telling him about a beautiful dog she knew that was homeless. Jeff decided to adopt that dog and named her Roux.

I don't know if Roux understood the role that her neighbor played in getting her adopted but she definitely is looking out for her neighbor.

According WKRN TV the 4th of July almost turned very tragic for the neighbor when some fireworks landed in the straw out front of her home while she was apparently sleeping upstairs. Roux went upstairs to wake Jeff. He says he has never heard her bark like that so he got out of bed and just like Lassie she led him downstairs to the window so he could see the fire.

He ran next door, banged on their door and was able to wake the family of three and their pets. They got out safely, no one was injured and LeCates used a garden hose on the flames until firefighters arrived.

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