Women Dominate Highest Paid Celebs On Instagram List

The new highest paid celebs on Instagram list has been released. and the highest paid is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. According to them he is paid a little over a million dollars per post! There's only 7 other guys in the top 25. 4 of them are soccer players. Cristiano Ronaldo at #3, Neymar at #10, Lionel Messi at #11 David Beckham at #23.

The people getting paid on Instagram are lady celebs. Kylie Jenner gets almost a million dollar per post while her big sister Kim Kardashian gets $850,000 and comes in at #4.

Surprisingly Ronaldo has the most followers by a lot yet he doesn't get the most money. He has 224 million followers yet he receives $100,000 less than Kylie who has 43 million fewer followers! She has a good agent!


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