25 State Fairs Cancelled Over COVID 19 Concerns

From Maine to Oregon fair officials are cancelling their 2020 fairs en masse! 25 to date have said their events will not be happening due to COVID 19 concerns. The biggest state fair with over 2,250,000 guests annuall is Texas and they put out a statement that they are going to decide their future next month.

The second biggest with 2 million guests is Minnesota and they have cancelled.

The 3rd largest is the Big E in Massachusetts with 1.5 million visitors and they are still planning to have theirs.

Some of the states that have cancelled already are TN, WV, OH, NJ, IN, IO, IL, CA, & OR.

GA, is planning their state fair as normal. NC has said their state fair will have limited events. The SC State Fair is still planning on running as normal for their 400,000 annual fair goers except for pushing our Competitive Exhibit Call For Entries out one month. More details here.


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