Worst Marriage Proposal Ever?

Oliver de Freggio was nervous about giving a speech at his friends wedding, but as the Best Man it was required. To deal with the pressure he drank "a little too much".

He explained what happens next in a Reddit post.

Oliver explains that before the wedding, he and his girlfriend had a discussion about how she wasn’t ready to get engaged yet. But during the wedding, he and his girlfriend went out for air where they “had a super amazing deep chat about life,” and combined with the fact that he was “pretty drunk” he decided it was the right time to propose.

“I proposed expecting her to be overjoyed but instead she started crying and ran inside" Noting that while they were outside, people could still see what was happening. He said his best friend the groom couldn’t believe he would propose at his wedding, and that the bride was “pissed” because she had to go console the girlfriend instead of enjoying her wedding.

My girlfriend decided we needed to take a break and the majority of my friends aren’t speaking to me, but I was drunk and I do love my girlfriend,” he writes, wondering if what he did was really that bad. 

I would say that a drunk wedding proposal that ends with you suddenly single and the majority of your friends angry at you qualifies for the worst proposal ever.

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